Wolfgang Krauser

First Appearence:Fatal Fury 2

Wolfgang Krauser was one of the finest fighters in Europe. However, he was also an underground criminal and he was also Geese Howard's half brother. When Geese became the crime boss of South Town, he also originated the King of Fighters tournaments. After Geese was defeated by Terry Bogard, Krauser dismissed Geese as being the crime boss and took command, this is when he gathers up several fighters. Billy Kane Geese's personal body guard, Axel Hawk a former boxing champion, and Laurence Blood, a spanish matador. But, as with Geese, Krauser also underestimated the abilities of Terry. With this, Kruaser and the crime ring fell once and for all. Then Krauser fought with Geese, with Geese emerging victorious.

Then, after Geese fought Terry again, and died, Kruaser came out of hiding with his body guard Laurence to avenge his half brother's death. But failed again. Krauser was not heard from again.

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