Tung Fu Rue

First Appearence:Fatal Fury

Tung Fu Rue is the Master of Terry and Andy's foster father, Jeff. Tung has also competed in several King of Fighters tournaments. However, after Jeff was killed by Geese Howard, Tung takes in Terry and Andy, and even teaches them to fight. Then, as Terry and Andy grew older, the trio along with Joe Higashi competed in the King of Fighters tournament. Tung guided the Bogards through the tournament, and as terry defeted Geese, Tung was proud of both of his students. Tung went back to China to rest. He would come back to help the bogards again when Geese returned.

Tung trained throughout his life utilizing his chi with his martial arts skills, as he can turn homself into a muscle bound being making him stronger than normal, and have the ability to take on any opponent.

[edit] As an Opponent

Tung Fu Rue is a formidable opponent and boss character in Fatal Fury. When he transforms into his muscle bound form he becomes extremely powerful and dangerous.

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