Terry Bogard

First Apperence:Fatal Fury

Terry Bogard and his brother Andy Bogard were adopted by a martial arts fighter named Jeff. When Jeff fought in the dangerous martial arts tournament called "King of Fighters", he faced the tournament's originator Geese Howard who defeted him and then killed him off. Both Terry and Andy swore revenge against Geese. The brothers were then taught martial arts to their stepfather's master Tung Fu Rue. Then when they were old enough to compete in the King of Fighters tournament in their home town called "South Town", Terry, Andy and a fellow competitor Joe Higashi, a japanese fighter who knows Muay Thai. They fought the competitors in the tournament, but it was Terry who had the honor to face Geese, Terry and Geese fought ferociously, but Terry defeats the corrupt originator and Geese falls out of the window. Terry emerged victorious. After that, he gained the nickname "The Hungry Wolf".

It was a few years after Terry defeated Geese Howard, Terry discovered that Geese also ran some kind of crime ring in South Town, he also received word that Geese's half brother, Wolfgang Krauser is aiming to revive Geese crime ring and make it global. So, Terry with his brother Andy and Joe along witha female ninja Mai Shiranui, a Tae-Kwon-Do master Kim Kaphwan, and a millionaire Cheng Sinzan, they fought Krauser's men and Krauser himself. Terry defeted Krauser with such ferocity, that the crime ring fell along with him.

Then, the Jin Brothers Jin Chonrei and Jin Chonshu ware trying to awaken a spirit called "Orochi" to conquer the world. Terry and his friends grouped together to stop the Jins, and Geese who has returned from defeat. They were victorious, after this Terry took a break from training to lay with kids in South Town and to be with "Blue" Mary Ryan.

Then the king of fighters tournament began once again in South Town. Terry fought and defeats Geese again, but as Terry tries to help geese from falling, Geese breaks Terry's grip and falls and dies. Terry also finds about Geese's long, lost son Rock Howard and takes Rock to raise him as his own son.

Several years later, as Rock grows older. Terry stays in fine shape as he finds himself fighting again against another crime boss named Kain R. Heinlein. He and Rock are ready to face this new crime lord. This is when Terry discovers that Kain is Rock's cousin and is related to Geese. But both he and Rock defeat Kain and saved South Town.

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