Richard Meyer

First Appearence:Fatal Fury

Richard Meyer was born in a poor Barzillian villiage who was trained in the martial art Capoeira, while growing up he would use his skills to not fight, but to entertain. Then he would gain enough money to move to the United States. He chose to reside in South Town, where he would open up a restaurant called the "Pao Pao Cafe" which quickly became the most popular hangout in South Town. Richard however, was also the bouncer of his restaurant. As he would kick out thugs and anybody else who is causing trouble.

Then, as the King of Fighters tournament began, he faced off with Terry Bogard however Richad would lose to Terry. But as Terry won the turnament. richard showed his graditude to terry by giving him the privelage to eat at his restaurant at anytime, Terry even celebrated at the cafe. Richard would retire from fighting on order to run his restaurant. But he would secretly train a fellow Brazillian, Bob Wilson to help terry stop the Jin brothers.

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