Raiden/Big Bear

First Appearence:Fatal Fury

Raiden is Austrailia's most re-knowned wrestler. He even held the best wresler title in his home country. Then he lost his title and fell from grace shortly thereafter. He would become one of Geese Howard's personal bodyguards. His massive strength would crush all before him, he hopes that the next King of Fighters tournament would help him prove that point. He faced Terry Bogard, but he lost. Then after Geese's rumored death, Raiden went back to his roots in Austrailia. As he would get his life back on track and the way it was before he joined Geese, he would re-name himself, "Big Bear" for his massive size and power. During Terry's journey to find Wolfgang Krauser Raiden told Terry that he is not s criminal anymore, but would challenge him again, and lose again. Raiden would go back to the wrestling division until he wanted to compete in one more tournament, but he would lose again.

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