Mai Shiranui

First Appearence:Fatal Fury 2

Mai Shiranui was raised by her grandfather who knows a ninja type of martial arts, as Mai is taught by her grandfather. Mai is also a Geisha in training as she loves Japanese kimonos. Her fan is coustom built to deleiver pain to anybody she throws it at, she is also taught on how to use her fan with her ninja skills. She even fought her grandfather's rival Jubei Yamada a judo master.

Then, when Andy Bogard travels to Japan to learn about her grandfather's ninja skills, she meets him for the first time. For Mai, it was love at first sight, she falls head over heels for Andy. After Andy's training was finished, she and Andy went on vacation to Italy, where Andy wanted to visit. Then Andy and Mai received a letter from Andy's brother, Terry Bogard. This tells them about Geese Howard's crime ring and is revived by his half brother Wolfgang Krauser, Mai decides to help Andy and her brother to defeat Krauser. Then, as Terry defeats Krauser, she tells Andy to continue their vacation, and they did. Then, she went back to Japan afterwards.

Several months after, she receives a letter from Andy. Telling her about the Jin brothers, she responds by traveling to the United States and to South Town to help Andy again and Terry as well. After the bogards defeat the Jins, she asks Andy to come back to Japan with her, Andy accepts.

She came back to South Town for another tournament held there. After Terry defeats Geese, Mai goes back to her native Japan with Andy again as andy retires. But whether or not Andy lives with Mai ro not is unclear.

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