Kim Kaphwan

First Appearence:Fatal Fury 2

Kim Kaphwan is a serious Tae Kown Do master who teaches many students, even his own sons. Kim then joined many tournaments and won them as well. Then he received word about a man named Wolfgang Krauser about to create a crime ring and turn it into a global crime ring. This is when Kim sets on a journey to defeat Krauser. Kim also find himself involved in Terry Bogard's quest to defeat Krauser's crime ring. Being a man who believes that evil should disappear from the Earth, Kim agrees to join Terry. Then when Terry defeats Krauser, Kim goes home to his children and continues to train his students.

After some time, Kim takes on the duty to train criminals to teach them disapline Chang Koehan & Choi Bounge.

Several years later, as Kim rows old, his sons follow in his footsteps to try to defeat Kain R. Heinlein.

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