Jubei Yamada

First Appearence:Fatal Fury 2

Jubei Yamada is a master of Judo. In his hey day, he has won many Judo tournaments and had became very famous for his abilities. Now, as he is 74 years old, he just teaches at his own school of Judo. His rival Hanzo Shiranui, and Hanzo's grandauhter Mai Shiranui are beginning to take on a personal student of theirs, Andy Bogard. This is when he tries to train as like he did when he was young and to show Hanzo that he is the better teacher of his art. However, Jubei doscovers the rising of Wolfgang Krauser. Knowing that Krauser is a man who is full of evil, he has no choice but to help both Andy and Mai, along with Andy's brother Terry Bogard. Jubei asks Hanzo where Andy and Mai are and discovers that they are in Italy on vacation, so he heads to Italy to assist them. Jubei was a good contributor to terry's journey to defeat Krauser. After terry wins, Jubei goes back to Japan to continue his training and attend to his school. But, he has become more wiser to the shiranuis ever since.

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