Joe Higashi

First Appearence:Fatal Fury

Joe Higashi was born in Japan, but traveled to Thailand to study Muay Thai. Then he became famous in the Muay Thai Circuit. Then he heard of the King of Fighters tournament being held in the United States. He heads to that country to compete, before the tournament began he made some friends, the Bogard brothers Terry and Andy. As the tournament began Joe fought and defeated Michael Max and Hwa Jai. Then after Terry defeats Geese, he and Joe celebrated at the Pao Pao Cafe. As he went back to Thailand to train, he receives a letter from Terry telling him baout Geese's crime ring, and it being revived by a man named Wolfgang Krauser. Joe is now going to do whatever it takes to help Terry and his other friends. As Krauser goes down in defeat, so does his crime ring. Joe then goes on to carry out a legacy that he created for himself.

Then, Joe receives another letter from Terry, telling him about the Jin Brothers, he comes back to South Town. He fights and defeats many fighters and helps the Bogards defeat the Jins.

He then goes back to Thailand to continue on with his own legacy and his training as well.

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