Geese Howard

First Appearence:Fatal Fury

Geese Howard use to be a tough, rugged police officer in South Town. He would eventually be promoted to police commissioner, this is when he became secretly corrupt, and even set up crimes secretly as well. When he finally resigned as a police commissioner, he focused on formulting his own crime ring in South Town, turning South Town into a rotting cesspool. He would also be the originator of a dangerous fighting tournament known as the "King of Fighters." He would fight the fighter to have won the tournament. Then he faced the winner of one tournament named Jeff Bogard, Geese defated and killed the fighter. When he held one tournament, Jeff's adopted sons, Terry and Andy competed. Geese soon discovers that they are Jeff's sons. Geese faces of against Terry, Geese was defeated and feel out of the window of his office, he was severly hurt, and brought back by his crime ring. He was heard from since that point. People suspected that he was dead. As his half brother Wolfgang Krauser took command of his crime ring, Geese was full of anger as Krauser considers Geese a failiure after his defeat to Terry Bogard. But Krauser as well underestimated the abilities of Terry and was defeated as well. Than, Geese and Krauser fought, with Geese being victorious. As Geese comes out of hiding, he come sback to South Town in hopes to defeat the Bogards and revive his crime ring. However he fails again.

He then holds another turnament in South Town to again revive his crime ring, he faces Terry again, but still underestimates hiim and was about to fall again, Terry grabs Geese arm in order to help him. But Geese makes Terry let go and falls to his death. Leaving his son Rock Howard in the care of Terry.

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