Billy Kane

First Appearence:Fatal Fury

Billy Kane was trained in an art that allowed him to use an extendable Bo Staff. At first, he fought on the backstreets of London, until he was offered a body guard job from Geese Howard, he accepted.

Then, as the King of Fighters tournament began in South Town, he was ordered by Geese to make sure nobody crosses the bridge to Geese tower. Billy faced Andy Bogard and was defeated, allowing Andy's older brother, Terry Bogard to fight and defeat Geese. After this, Billy considered himself as a failiure and went back to his native Great Britain and to train harder, in hopes to act revenge against the Bogards.

Then, Billy has received a message from Wolfgang Krauser, telling him that he can act revenge on the Bogards if he can help Krauser. Billy immediately agrees to help, unfortunately for Billy, he loses again but this time to Terry who eventually defeats Krauser himself.

However, after he hears about Geese's return, he returns to his master. But Geese would eventually die by Terry. But, he fights Terry agin in one for the worldwide King of Fighters turnaments.

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