Laurence Blood

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First Appearence:Fatal Fury 2

Laurence Blood was one of the toughest matadors in Spain. Though, he claims to have one time to bring down a bull with his bare hands, but he knew how to handle them in such a graceful (and violent) fashion. Then he was expelled from the bull fighting circuit for his violent methods and the treating of the bulls.

He would then join Wolfgang Krauser as the man would give Laurence another chance to bull fight again as Krauser wouldprovide the funds for his fights. Then, as Terry Bogard was on his journey, Laurence faced Terry's brother Andy Bogard, but would lose.

Then, Laurence would quit bull fighting altogether to become Krauser's body guard, he would call himself "Krauser's Billy Kane" as he just as good as him. He would fight against the Bogards again in service to Krauser, but he lost again.

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