Andy Bogard

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First Appearence:Fatal Fury

Andy Bogard is younger than Terry. But he is also a powerful fighter. After his step father Jeff was killed incambat by Geese Howard, he and Terry were taken in by Tung Fu Rue. Then whe the King of Fighters tournament began Andy fought and defeated many fighters, including Billy Kane, allowing his brother, Terry to fight Geese. When the tournament was over, Terry and Joe celebrated at the Pao Pao Cafe. But, Andy wanted to continue his training, this is when he travels to Japan, to train under a ninja master. This is when he meets his master's grandaughter Mai Shiranui. Mai took an immediate liking to Andy. Then, when Andy received a letter from his brother Terry, about a man named Wolfgang Krauser while on vacation in Italy, he takes this opertunity to help his brother again, Mai also wanted to help them out. Andy and his friends fought Krauser's men while Terry defeats Krauser. This is when both Andy and Mai went back to Italy to continue their vacation.

Some time after that, Andy writes a letter to Mai, telling her to come to South Town, this is because he and his friends have discovered the Jin brothers are going to awaken the orochi spirit and conquer the world. So the team defeats the Jin brothers in the end, and Andy enjoys another vacation with Mai.

Andy has also competed in another Kong of Fighters tournament, and has done well. Then when he finally retired, he went to Japan to open up a school of ninja training. He trains many students mainly Hokutomaru who competes in another South Town tournament many years later.

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